Pippen Lane Featured On Go Nola

New Shop Watch: Pippen Lane in New Orleans

by KATE GRACE BAUER on JUNE 20, 2013

There are literally new stores popping up so fast in New Orleans that it’s almost hard (albeit,wonderful) to keep up with the retail Jones’s.  I’ll go ahead and make it a bit easier for us all by initiating a new series called “New Shop Watch.”  This one in particular focuses on Pippen Lane.  The store itself has been around for a while, but it recently moved locations on Magazine Street and got a sweet facelift.  The Pippen Lane brand was started recently by the store’s owner and has been doing extremely well from the start, having been featured in many New Orleans publications including our local fashion monthly, CUE.  With a subtle nod to classic New Orleans (read: embroidered crowns and fleur de lis) and an embrace for the popular trends, the Pippen Land brand nails it.

The store is dubbed “A Children’s Emporium” and really is.  The New Orleans store covers the gamut of children’s clothing and accessories, including reading materials, craft projects, shoes, dresses and even organic stuffed animals, which are alone so chic they could double as a piece of art.

Every salesperson who works at the bright new spot is delighted to cater to anyone’s every need.  I recently stopped in with my ten-year-old niece and while searching for the perfect pair of Toms shoes, the salesman was so attentive and patient that I was taking notes!

Pippen Lane is a great pace to shop for gifts and clothing from newborn to tween – definitely a New Orleans shopping destination for the little guys.